What happened?

This is not the family life you imagined.

The fun family outings that end in tears. The snuggly, loving bedtime routines that never seem to be enough to keep those kids in bed. The family mealtimes that are constantly disrupted by picky eating and unruly behaviour.

You’re overwhelmed and frustrated with an emotional and challenging child. Something has got to change.

I’m not a mind reader.

I’ve just been in your shoes.

By the age of six, my son had been suspended from school three times for violent behaviour. He was falling behind his peers academically and socially, losing himself in tantrums and making both of our lives increasingly difficult.

Through years of study mixed with trial and error, I’ve discovered that with the right support, tools and mindset any challenge can be turned into an opportunity; and any tantrum can be turned into a bonding experience.

Our family is not perfect, but our days are filled with love and joy.

Don’t struggle like I did.

Turning your family around doesn’t have to be such hard work.

Do you want a supportive environment that will allow you to express your emotions honestly and to sort through them productively? A group of peers who have no desire to judge, because they themselves are taking a similar journey. A support network that allows you to become truly honest with yourself and examine your own behaviours and the way in which they impact your family.

Do you need a fresh perspective so that you can recognise your own successes when they come? When you are working so hard, the results can be easy to miss. You need someone to cheer you on, to celebrate even the smallest of wins with and to help you navigate the frustrations of parenting as they arise.

Do you crave a unique plan for the unique needs of your family? Someone to help you in designing an effective plan of action that looks like fun to achieve and someone to hold you accountable to it.

I muddled through by leaning on family and friends. It was a journey that took much longer than it needed to.

Become the parent you want to be.

Learn how to stay calm and controlled when your child is lost in a tantrum.

Discover the secrets of true influence and leave frustration and helplessness behind

Raise children who will seek you out for love and support

Unleash the real you and experience pride and fun in parenting

I hate seeing parents struggle like I did.

Which is why I created the Parenting Pro programme.

I’ve combined everything I know into a simple 8 week programme.

I have a Diploma in Professional Counselling, with a study major in Child Development and Effective Parenting

I am a practicing life coach, trained by Scott Harris at Ultimate Coach Professional

I also have over 10 years personal experience in parenting an anxious and emotionally challenging child

All of which puts me in the position to guide you through one of the most challenging, yet rewarding learning journeys you will ever undertake.

The Parenting Pro programme delivers everything you need to help yourself and your child right now:

>  Guidance from an experienced, qualified parenting coach (that’s me)

>  Access to an online library of materials which will guide you forward step by step

>  Support from a community of dedicated mothers all learning to overcome similar challenges

Four key principles run through the Parenting Pro programme

Love yourself first

Before you can help your child, you need to help yourself. You’ve been managing a difficult situation for a long time now; it’s time for a refresh. I will help you to step out of your frustration and disappointment, and into a feeling of hope and confidence. With the right self-care routine you can stay calm, patient and focussed throughout the challenges that lie ahead.

Rediscover your child

Somewhere amongst the time outs, naughty steps and sticker charts, you may have lost sight of your perfectly imperfect child. When so much time is spent managing behaviour, it’s easy to overlook the positive aspects that are there already (believe me, I did this myself). The PPP isn’t just about changing what needs to change, but also embracing what is already wonderful.

You are not alone

When it’s your child climbing out of bed for the 15th time that evening, it’s easy to imagine you are the only family enduring this, while every other parent watches their cherubs sleep soundly for a full 12 hours. You are not alone. And I can prove it. Inside our private, exclusive Facebook group is a community of parents just like you, with their own tales of public tantrums, sleep deprivation and difficult behaviour. Come and share your experiences, lean on our support, then together we will move towards and more rewarding family life.

Build your own toolkit

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of parenting tools and techniques to choose from. You couldn’t and shouldn’t use them all. Instead, we tailor your toolkit to your family’s own unique circumstances, and I’ll help you put them into practice through coaching sessions and online support.

What’s included?

Five 1 on 1 Coaching calls with me over the course of the 8 week programme to ensure that your unique needs are being met. We will work together to formulate goals, examine results and focus on building lasting, transformational change within your home.

Full access to an online library of programme materials, accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The online content will lead you through the steps to designing and creating a new destiny for your family.

Membership within a private and exclusive Facebook community of likeminded parents also enrolled in the programme.

I’ve already tried……

(insert name of multiple parenting handbooks here)

I know you’ve tried so hard already. You’ve tried all the tools, books, tricks and techniques.

You’ve asked your parents, friends, the school and even counsellors and ‘experts’ for advice and help; and you’ve tried so hard to implement the suggestions they gave you. Those ideas do work for most children, but we both know that you aren’t dealing with ‘most children’ here – we’re dealing wit your child, who comes with their own unique back story, personality and free will.

You need a tailored approach that will allow you to become the expert you wish existed to solve all of your problems. Become the most qualified person to parent your unique child. Become a Parenting Pro.

Maybe they’ll grow out of it.

Children do not grow out of anxiety, social or behavioural problems. Without loving support and guidance, they grow into an adults with those same problems.

I don’t need to paint you a picture of what that looks like. You’ve probably played it out in your mind plenty of times already.

You can see as the months go on, your family-life is getting more and more difficult. As your child’s behaviour escalates, your patience wears thin. You start to panic, they sense your unease, and now you’re in a downward spiral. You’re tired. Your relationships are suffering.

This is having a hugely detrimental impact on everyone’s mental and physical well-being. How long can you let this continue?

Are you ready to change your family’s future?

Let’s get started today.

When you sign-up for the Parenting Pro programme, you’ll receive log in details to the membership page.

By completing the preparation section you will help me get to know you and your family better, so I can tailor the support I offer to your unique circumstances. And, as you complete the activities, you may experience a few moments of enlightenment yourself.

We’ll then schedule a 1 on 1 coaching call, to help you get started.

Each week for 8 weeks you will gain access to a new area of the membership page which will lead you toward the parenting success you have dreamed of.

And of course, you will be welcomed into the Facebook Group, where you will find a community of parents who will be sharing the transformational journey with you.

The investment



5 x 1hr private coaching sessions
Online programme and library
Exclusive Facebook community


You’ve tried so hard, but nothing works. Get ideas from mum’s struggling just like you. Take them and make them your own.


Kickstart change in a fun way, and learn the skills to sustain the positive change at home and in the classroom.



With a personal coach you have someone in your team to support you, push you and dream with you.

You don't have to do this alone

With the right support, tools and techniques, you can learn how to turn each challenge into a learning opportunity, each tantrum into a chance for connection.


Need some new ideas?

You’ve tried so hard, but nothing works. You’ve asked your parents, friends, the school, even your GP. And those ideas do work for most children, but we both know you’re not dealing with ‘most children’ here. We’re dealing with your child, who comes with their own backstory, personality and free will.

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