Lasting change?

Make it fun for both you and your child.

We’ve all been there. We want to change things for the better, but it just seems like so much hard work. The bribing, the arguments, the tantrums – sometimes it is easier to maintain the status quo. 

Host a workshop to kickstart change in a fun way, and learn the skills to maintain the change and fun at home and in the classroom.

Laugh Masters

A kids comedy club

Mindful Play

A workshop for kids

Mindful Home

A workshop for parents

Mindful Classroom

A workshop for teachers

Laugh masters

A kids comedy club

Do you know a child who has been labelled as disruptive or difficult in the classroom because they make jokes out of every situation?

So do I. This was my son, not too long ago. I dedicate this program to him, and every other boisterous child who struggles within the school environment.

At laugh masters we aim to build self-confidence, communication skills, create friendships and reap the health benefits that come with regular laughter. We provide this for children through the vehicle of comedy.

Laugh Masters is open to all children at a primary school level, but was specifically designed for the class clown. It provides a place where the natural energy and humour of these children is embraced and moulded into a skill for life.

We replace the need for inappropriately placed humour by providing a space for this energy to be directed. All the while, teaching the children how to become communication leaders so that this natural tendency can be turned from a challenge into and asset.

As each child progresses through the program they will begin to master techniques for effective deliver, including tonality, language choices, pitch, body language, and audience participation.

The benefits of this will far surpass childhood. Imagine how mastering these skills at a primary school level could affect the life of an adult.

At Laugh Masters we have a range of classes for children of varying ages. All participants have the opportunity to present humorous stories, anecdotes and jokes to the class, with the only rule being that all audience members laugh at every punchline

For younger children, the program is designed to build confidence in speaking to groups. With an unconditional positive reaction from the audience, young children will really begin to find their own personality and groove.

Mindful Play

A workshop for kids

What would be the impact on society if we taught emotional intelligence and mindfulness practices within our schooling system as strongly as we teach maths and literacy?

Imagine adults who are taught since kindergarten how to put aside the anger of outside influences and focus on what they can control.

It would increase the tolerance and effectiveness of society in a limitless way. There would be long term impact on issues such as puberty, juvenile delinquency, entrepreneurialism, depression and suicide, and community.

As a professional within the personal development industry it constantly surprises me how many adults are living their lives unaware of their own personal power over their lives. The impact I have seen on adults who have discovered mindfulness principles has been astounding.

In this workshop we teach primary school aged children the fundamentals behind mindfulness and emotional mastery in the classroom so that they can find more balance and fulfilment within their lives.

We teach the basic practices behind mindfulness through theory exploration, guided meditation, communication activities, speaking therapies, gardening and sustainability exercises, crafts and physical activity.

By teaching our children exercises in emotional recognition and redirection, effective decision making, and identifying and utilising personal power; we open the space for unlimited growth within our society and healthcare systems.

Mindful Home

A workshop for parents

We know that in their younger years the biggest influences on a child are within the school and the home, so it makes sense to get these two areas working together for optimal success. With a Parent Workshop, parents will have the opportunity to learn exactly what the school mindfulness program involves and how it is helpful for their children.

Parents learn the basics behind mindfulness approaches so that they can implement these practices at home. They will understand and explore the many uses of meditation, rituals and communication techniques so that they can support their child’s personal development within the home.

Mindful Classroom

A workshop for teachers

After experiencing the positive results of a school incursion program, you may decide that you want to incorporate some of these activities within your classroom on a regular basis. The Mindful Classroom workshop helps teachers to understand the facilitation process behind delivering effective mindfulness classes.

Together, we will build a plan and schedule for the continued implementation of mindfulness activities so that the process can become automated within the school. The idea after all, is to have mindfulness taught in as many Australian Primary schools as possible.


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